Ditch your bread and putter jobs and compete for $10,000

Holey Moley have announced they will launch their inaugural ‘Holey Moley Masters’ nationwide this March. The event will be Australia’s biggest competition for its most miniature sport giving punters the chance to win a cracking $10,000 in an electrifying final held in Melbourne.

Ditching their bread and putter jobs, teams will compete over 4 weeks to become the crowning winners of their respective home-courses. Each competition night will be the hottest party in town, with live DJs pumping out the tunes, cocktails a’shaking and a partnership with 5 Seeds Cider to ensure no putter goes thirsty.

Once a victorious team has emerged from each venue, they will be flown to Melbourne to represent their home state in a winner-takes-all battle. The best team will eventually be donned with their own ‘Golden Jackets’, as well as being presented with a novelty-sized cheque for a whopping $10,000 dollars and a massive party for all of their friends back at their home Holey Moley.

Michael Schreiber, CEO of Funlab remarks on the brands goals to deliver fun to Aussies across the country, “Funlab’s prerogative is to ensure all our consumers have a grand, old time, enjoying our events and products, whilst also giving them a shot at winning cash prizes to boot! The “Holey Moley Masters” is no different, giving fun-seekers across the nation a chance to ‘put their stuff’ with a crack at winning 10 grand, not to mention partake in the hottest parties of our summer season. This event serves as further proof of Funlab’s overarching purpose: to deliver fun to all corners of the country.”

Although each competition night will be a party to remember, the final event in Melbourne will see the party cranked up to 11, with the upstairs turned into a full-on party zone and each team representing their home venue in their best outfits and craziest costumes.