Video game consoles

Private console booths

We've raised the par on your standard gaming bar. Wrangle some mates and grab a private console booth for up to 10 people. A video game bar with games and golf? You betcha.

Play your favs from classic or next gen consoles; N64, PS5, Switch and Xbox. Have a squizz at some of our games below.

Booths are walk in only.

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Whether you're popping in for a quick one after work or bunkering down for a night out, we got you.

  • Monday - Thursday: $10pp
  • Friday - Sunday: $15pp
  • Kids: $5pp all week

Prices are per person per hour, booths are walk in only.


Our full list'd stretch all the way to Kanto, but here are just some of our favourites. 

Playstation 5
- Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
- FIFA 21 (also on Xbox)
- Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Xbox Series X
- Halo The Master Chief Collection
- NBA 2k21 (also on PS5)
- Power Rangers; Battle for the Grid
- Streets of Rage 4

Nintendo Switch
- Mario Kart 8, Golf Super Rush & Tennis Aces
- 150+ classic NES & SNES games with Switch Online

Retro booth games

Looks like mum was wrong, all those hours gaming will be good for something! Settle those old childhood rivalries on classic N64 games.  

Nintendo 64
- Golden Eye
- Pokemon Stadium
- Mario Party
- Mario Kart
- Mario Golf & Tennis
- Super Smash Bros
- NBA Hangtime 
- WWF No Mercy or Wrestlemania 2000

Nab a private booth

Got a group? We've got you!


From fiftieths to Father’s Day... whatever the occasion, we’re always up for a party. Our team will work with you to tailor a party package that best suits your celebration.
N64, Playstation 5, Switch, and Xbox

We've got game! And we don't just mean golf...

All of our Holey Moley venues are wall to wall with the craziest mini golf courses you have ever seen.

But if you're keen for a game of a different kind, we got you.

Tell us your location and we'll find your nearest Holey Moley Video Game Booth.